Fr. Stephen Kakande Sekayala, CSSp. is a priest in the Catholic Church and member of the Congregation of the Holy Spirit popularly known as The Spiritans or Holy Ghost Fathers. He is a Ugandan born in Kampala. He studied Philosophy, Religious Studies and Social Science at Queen of Apostles Philosophy Centre (PCJ)—Jinja—a Catholic Missionary Consortium affiliated to Pontifical Urban University of Rome (Italy) and Uganda Martyrs University (Nkozi) by which he was awarded a bachelors degree. He also holds a B.A Degree in Theology awarded by the University of The West Indies (Trinidad and Tobago).  He also has a certificate in Cross-Cultural Studies awarded by Tamale Institute of Cross-Cultural Studies (TICCS) in Ghana.

He pronounced his first Vows on the 16.06.2016 at Lushoto-Magamba in Tanzania, and Perpetual Vows on the 16.06.2019 at Arouca—Trinidad and Tobago. He was ordained Deacon on 21.06.2019 in Port of Spain—Trinidad and Tobago. He was ordained a priest on 21.11.2020 Mulago, Kampala—Uganda.

He is a renowned evangelist, preacher and teacher of the Word of God, intercessor, pastoral counsellor and author.

Apart from serving in his native country Uganda during his formation period, Stephen has served for some time as a missionary candidate both in and outside Africa particularly in countries of Zambia, Ghana, Zanzibar-Tanzania and Trinidad and Tobago. He conducts prayers of Healing and Deliverance, Intercession, Pastoral Counselling and direct preaching for Metanoia (life change) on Radio, Catholic Charismatic Retreats and Popular Missions at both local and international levels.

He is the author of the following books, most of which he wrote while he was still a seminarian.

  1. Crossing From Slavery To Freedom
  2. 10 Ways To Make You Grow Strong In Faith—A Faith to Move Mountains.
  3. 220 Dreams and Their Interpretation Plus Prayer Solutions for Each Dream.
  4. Ebirooto 250 Amakulu G’abyo N’essaala Ezigendera ku Buli Kirooto.
  5. 40 Days Deliverance Novena Prayer To Unlock Your God Given Blessings.
  6. Novena Ey’enaku 40 Eyokusumulula Ebisibye Emikisa Gyo.
  7. 9 Ways To Tap God’s Blessings.
  8. 15 Days With Jesus
  9. 1000 Dreams and Their Interpretation Plus Solution Prayers for Each Dream-Book 1.
  10. 1000 Dreams and Their Interpretation Plus Solution Prayers for Each Dream-Book 2.
  11. Novena ya Siku 40 ya Kufungua Baraka Ulizopewa na Mungu
  12. Pray Your Way To Effective Deliverance
  13. How To Break That Curse
  14. How To Do Deliverance
  15. How To Pray And Receive Help From Holy Angels

His publications are highly regarded for their outstanding role of transforming lives of many people across the globe. Stephen is a man with many talents, gifts and wide-ranging pastoral concerns. More importantly, he is known as a humble, charming, loving, peaceful and prayerful man.

He is the founder and director of MT. SINAI FAMILY NETWORK—a private union of lay men and women of diverse cultures and backgrounds who are committed and devoted to praying for vocations in the Church, seminarians, priests and religious, praying for peace in the world as well as praying for all peoples in difficult and desperate situations. Through his ministry, Stephen has put forth a profound fruitful response to the dynamics of New Evangelisation and Mission today. Stephen’s mission is to enable every believer and non-believer to experience a personal healing power and lasting freedom in Christ Jesus. 


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