Dear friends, today the Church throughout the world is celebrating the feast of all saints. You may be asking who are the saints, why and how should we pray through them. Below I share with you an excerpts from my book titled 10 WAYS TO MAKE YOU GROW STRONG IN FAITH. In this excerpts I give you some reflection on saints. 

Who are Saints? Why and how do we pray through them?

Saints are heavenly citizens who are united with Christ Jesus in heaven and ceaselessly enjoy the glory of God. They were once human beings who lived on earth in human physical bodies made of flesh, blood and bones. Such persons were filled with graces and lived a worthy life pleasing to God while on earth. After passing on, God took them and they assumed an everlasting heavenly citizenship. Their work in heaven is to pray ceaselessly for the pilgrim souls or souls/people that are still on their spiritual journey on earth. Once we invoke the intersession of these heavenly citizens, they come to our aid. The holy Church has recognised a number of saints through whom we can forward our prayer requests and intentions to God. These for example include St Stephen, St Paul, St Bridget, St Faustina, St Kizito, St Charles Lwanga, St Margret, St. Catherine, St. Peter etc… Find out more of such Saints.

Always call out a word with your own lips—imploring them to pray for you. For example you may voice out your invocation like this;St. Peter and other heavenly saints pray for me to God that I may get through this problem…[then mention the problem which you want God to see you through].

 Endeavour to learn about the history of the lives of the saints. In particular learn about the history of the life of a saint whose name you bear. Find out who he or she was, what did he or she do on earth, how did he or she become a saint etc. With today’s modern means you can find out everything concerning the saints on the internet.

Find out the biography of the saint of your name, always invoke the intercession of that saint and pray to emulate that saint. For example my name is Stephen, I got to know who Stephen was, I always ask him to pray for me and I always ask God to help me emulate him.

Through my research I came to discover that St Stephen was the first man who was martyred as a result of witnessing and standing for the one true gospel of Jesus Christ. In the Acts of the Apostles, the Bible and holy scriptures speak of Stephen as a man who was full of faith and the Holy Spirit—a man who was richly blessed by God and full of power. He was a man who performed great miracles and wonders among the people. He was a man full of wisdom to the extent that whenever he stood to speak up, no one could stand or refute him. Stephen’s final journey on earth ended with a heavenly vision in which he saw God’s glory and Jesus standing at the right-hand side of God. In the Bible there are several accounts about Stephen. Here it says –

“… so they chose Stephen, a man full of faith and the Holy Spirit…”[Acts 6:5].…Stephen, a man richly blessed by God and full of power, performed great miracles and wonders among the people…” [Acts 6:8], …But the Spirit gave Stephen such wisdom that when he spoke, they could not refute him.”[Acts 6:10], “…But Stephen, full of the Holy Spirit, looked up to heaven and saw God’s glory and Jesus standing at the right-hand side of God. Look! He said. I see heaven opened…” [Acts 7:55-56] GNB


St. Stephen’s birthday anniversary in heaven (feast) is cerebrated on the 26th of December. I always cerebrate it and eat a nice meal. I always pray to God to give me the graces like those He gave to St Stephen and use me the same way He used him as the above biography contends. This is how I personally pray –

I thank you loving God for the gift of St Stephen whose name I bear. He was full of faith, wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Fill me too, with strong faith, wisdom and your Holy Spirit so that I may be richly blessed with your power and perform great miracles and wonders among your people as St Stephen did. Give me a good speech to preach your word and make me a faithful witness to your truth till I see Jesus and your glory in heaven as it was to St Stephen. St. Stephen pray for me that this, my prayer may be answered positively by God.

That is always my prayer, and I testify that God has always answered that prayer positively through the intercession of St Stephen. I have witnessed many marvelous miracles in different places where I have conducted prayer sessions for healing and deliverance. 

There are three particular extraordinary miracles that I have witnessed so far since I started the ministry of the evangelisation. I witnessed two old women regaining their sight; I witnessed a woman getting healed of her body paralysis and began to walk straight away and I witnessed a woman delivering a baby straight away after I prayed with her. This was a miraculous birth because that pregnancy had confusingly lasted for 16 months;—something quite abnormal. 

Saints are great friends to us. They intercede for us daily. Just like I did in my personal prayer above; you can as well compose your own prayer in relation to the saint of your own name and rely upon his or her intercession. Don’t travel your spiritual journey alone. Always seek the accompaniment of saints particularly the patron saint whose name you bear. For example if your name is Bridget, every morning you can say that; St Bridget, I implore you to journey with me today, pray for me that I may stand firm amidst today’s challenges etc.  This will attract you more mystical spiritual powers that will make you unshakable in terms of faith. 

Happy all saints day.  


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