How To Join Mt Sinai Family Network

Members to Mt Sinai Family Network are recruited by other members who already joined the Network. Anyone with a deep desire to join Mt Sinai Family Network may express his/her desire to someone who is already a member.  Then the member introduces the new person to Mt Sinai Family Spirituality with thorough explanations. The member is mandated with the obligation to train the new person for a substantial period of time including inviting the new person for prayer meetings and taking part in other activities of the Family, till the new person gets familiar with the family’s spirituality, prayer and ways of life. The new person before becoming a member of Mt Sinai Family Network i.e when he/she is still undergoing training, that person is called Mt Sinai Family Disciple. 

After understanding the spirituality of Mt Sinai Family Network, the disciple is then presented to the director or his delegate for induction, following some scrutiny, which include reciting the 7cs, the Mt Sinai Family motto and prayer. Each disciple is recommended by at least two members who are in good standing in their fellowships

Induction is done in an appropriate ceremony most preferably a prayer meeting. Upon induction the disciple receives a certificate duly signed by the director or his delegate. The certificate clearly states the category of membership to which the disciple is admitted.

Membership to Mt Sinai Family Network

Whilst Mt Sinai Family Network being a Catholic based fellowship and firmly adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church, its membership is open to all men and women who have deep desire to know Jesus Christ, follow Him more closely and make Him known irrespective of their social, cultural, racial and religious affiliations.  Every human being is welcome to join Mt. Sinai Family Network as long as he/she has a deep desire to know and follow Jesus Christ more closely and make Him known to others.

Membership to Mt Sinai Family Network is in 3 categories. They include:

        1. Oblate membership (for only Catholics)
        2. Associate membership (for other Christian denominations who are  none-Catholics)
        3. Secular membership (for none-Christians)

Only baptised and practicing Catholics are admitted to the category of Oblate membership and are called Mt Sinai Family Oblates. Some duties, responsibilities and positions of leadership are reserved for only Catholics and can only be performed by appointed Mt Sinai Family Oblates.

People who belong to other Christian Faith-Based Religions but not Catholicism are welcome to join Mt Sinai Family Network and are admitted as associate members and are called Mt Sinai Family Associates.

Other people who are not Christians but express the desire to join Mt Sinai Family Network are welcome and admitted to secular membership as secular members and are called Mt Sinai Family Seculars.

All members are obliged to live-by and observe the Spirituality, prayer services and activities of Mt Sinai Family Network as stipulated and laid down by the founder.

Members are suspended for persistent rebelliousness, or for bringing Mt Sinai Family Network into disrepute.

Members are highly encouraged to donate financially or materially to support matters of administration and ministry.