What we do

As a communion of hearts, members of Mt Sinai Family Network do the following activities

  • Pastoral counseling
  • Direct preaching for conversion both locally and internationally
  • Healing and deliverance prayer services
  • Conducting retreats, conferences, seminars and spiritual workshops
  • Intercession
  • Praying for seminarians and vocations in the Church
  • Media ministries, Music, dance, biblical drama and art for evangelization
  • Ministries of charity and mutual support in moments of crisis
  • Praying for people in difficult and desperate problematic situations
  • Sharing the word of God with neighbors, friends and others.
  • Praying for marriages and families.
  • Praying for members every day by mentioning their names in prayer.
  • Praying for priests and all Church leaders in the world.
  • Praying for the souls of people who are in captivity of the devil.
  • Connecting members to jobs and opportunities if available.

Sharing developmental ideas with members

  • Praying for nations
  • Providing social, moral, economic and spiritual support to each other.  
  • Use of spiritual gifts to glorify the lord e.g singing, praising, teaching etc.
  • Writing and publication of spiritual books. We spread the word of God through printed materials. We have so far produced a good number of books authored by our Founder and Director Seminarian Stephen Kakande CSSp.—which many people have testified to be very practical, revealing, inspiring, informative and motivating; leaving no doubt that they surely work!