Surrender To God Before You Hit the Wall

Surrender To God Before You Hit the Wall

Most of us surrender our wills and troubles to God only after all possible means and alternatives have been tried and have failed to work out. We try to employ all sorts of things to achieve what we want at all cost, some of which are evil such as witchcraft, sorcery, corruption, bribery, fighting, blackmail, consulting diviners and witchdoctors, dependence on evil charms etc… When such things fail us, we grudgingly give up and desperately turn to God to take over as a last resort. It doesn’t have to be that way.

You need to begin by trusting God before things get out of control. Everything in this world in which we put our faith and trust – money, job, status, spouses, government, social structures, institutions, relatives etc. – have great potential to betray and fail us. God doesn’t. God is consistently reliable even if we do not agree with His plans and decisions. God is a good and caring parent to us. And we are all His beloved children. The role of a good parent is to take good care of his or her offspring. The Ga people of Ghana in West Africa have got a saying that ‘your own child is like an axe. It will drop from your shoulder and cut your flesh open but you still pick it up and hang it on your shoulder again.’ We are all axes to God. Many times we rebel against His will. We do evil. We commit sins daily, but He never ceases to love us. He still picks us up.

God requires us only to surrender our lives, our joys, our sufferings and daily toiling to Him. While travelling our faith journey, God wants us to only occupy the passenger’s seat and then leave the driving to Him. God expects us to make plans and life-project proposals and then forward such plans and proposals to Him—requesting His approval and eventual fulfilment. Our only duty and obligation is to plan and propose but fulfilment is God’s. Fulfilment of anything in our lives, by us, is absolutely impossible. It is beyond our human abilities. St Augustine a doctor and theologian of the Church commented in one of his works that “our hearts are restless until they rest in God.” We cannot actualise fulfilment by ourselves.

God has got absolute power, absolute rights, absolute authority and absolute permission to approve and accept our plans or to disapprove and reject them. If He approves of our plans and life-project proposals, He brings them to fulfilment, either now or in the future. Meanwhile if He does not approve our life-project proposals, He gives us another thought and chance. Do not give up, helplessly stagnating. Always look forward for another chance. 

He always leads us in the right direction if we surrender all to Him. When we reach a point whereby we are willing and ready to surrender all our endeavours to God, i.e. putting God first in all our endeavours instead of endeavouring first on our own and only dumping it on God, for Him to take on after our efforts and endeavours have failed; then we will have reached the peak of unshakable faith.


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