Mt Sinai Family Network Motto

Mt Sinai Family Network members have a motto:  WITH ONE HEART. This motto discloses the manner, the character and the form of Mt Sinai Family Network Spirituality. Whatever we do, we do it with one heart.


The Spirituality of Mt Sinai Family Network Members

The ‘Seven pillars of Mt Sinai Family Network’ also called the ‘7Cs,’ are the spiritual foundations upon which Mt Sinai Family Network members build their daily lives. The seven pillars are: Celebratio (Celebration), Communio (Communion), Caritas (Charity), Conteplatio (Contemplation), Christus (Christ), Crucis (Cross) and Charismata (Spiritual gifts).  Each pillar is ascribed to one day of the week for intensification with Lectio Divina, to form the Mt Sinai Family Network Week. The Mt Sinai Family Network week is the substance of Mt Sinai Family Network spirituality.

The Seven pillars of Mt Sinai Family Network Spirituality are as follows:

    Day of the week            Pillar Observed

  1. SUNDAYS                         CELEBRATIO      (we do liturgical and non- liturgical  celebration, Math 5:14, Acts 4:32-35)
  1. MONDAYS                        COMMUNIO    (we do spiritual fellowship and meetings, Acts 4:32-35)
  2. TUESDAYS                       CARITAS           (we do ministries of charity and outreach to the needy, Math 25:34-40, 2 Cor 9:7)
  3. WEDNESDAYS                 CONTEPLATIO  (we do contemplative renewal i.e silent centering  prayer in everything we do, Math 6:6-7)      
  4. THURSDAYS                    CHRISTUS /CHRIST    (we do Eucharistic adoration, John 6:48-58)
  5. FRIDAYS                          CRUCIS / CROSS   (we do self sacrifice and die to self through dry fasting and reconciliation, Ezra 8:21-23,                                                                                           Isaiah 58: 6, Math 6: 16-18, Math 10:38-39)
  6. SATURDAYS                    CHARISMATA     (we pray for spiritual empowerment and renewal of spiritual gifts, 1 Cor 12:4-11)      

Mt Sinai Family Spiritual Networks for Fellowship

Members remain in spiritual fellowship all the time wherever they are and in whatever they are doing via the social media, house fellowships, daily or /and monthly prayer meetings, social activities and personal prayer. Members form spiritual networks for fellowship, solidarity, mutual support, personal growth and empowerment for mission. Together they build an ‘extended family’ of mutual spiritual and social support, while reaching out to others with the light of the gospel and freedom in Jesus Christ, as each one is able.

The Aim of Our Spirituality

The aim of our spirituality is to uncover the light of God in each person so that he/she may reach his/her full spiritual potential and by so doing bring new light to the whole world (Mt 5.14). Our spirituality brings about spiritual awakening which yields to a liberating change in the lives of every individual person.

Expected Outcomes of Mt Sinai Family Network Spirituality

Mt Sinai Family Spirituality yields to:

  • Growth in Spirit
  • Numerous conversions (renewal of faith)
  • Healing and deliverance
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Return to sacraments
  • Increased commitment to carrying out Church activities
  • Reconciliation
  • Awareness of active presence of the Lord
  • Raising up of leaders for mission
  • Discovery of individual spiritual gifts and putting them to use for the glorification of God’s Holy Name and the sanctification of God’s people.
  • Increase in vocations
  • Parish renewal