Who we are

We are a private union of lay men and women of various backgrounds, cultures and nationalities brought together by a common goal of passionately serving God and the Church through different ministries. We were founded by seminarian Stephen Kakande Sekayala on 20th February 2014 at Kiwamirembe-Uganda and given the name Mt. Sinai Family.

During his personal prayer seminarian Stephen Kakande Sekayala had an experience of encountering the actual presence of God. During that encounter, the message of the Scripture from Exodus 19 was revealed to him.

Having received the message, Stephen got the inspiration to choose the name for the private union he had found through invoking the memory of the chosen People of God on Mt. Sinai (Exodus 19:1-25 and Acts 2:42-47). He chose the name after Mt. Sinai. He envisaged the members to live, minister and relate with each other as a family of believers following the example of the early Church (Acts 2:42-47) hence the name Mt. Sinai Family.

Seminarian Stephen saw the early members as successors to those people gathered by God on Mt. Sinai and the early apostles who would adhere to the words God addressed through Moses (Exodus 19:4-6). As more people showed interest in the union and requested to become members, a network of membership emerged hence the name changed to Mt. Sinai Family Network.

Mt Sinai Family Network is not a religious congregation but rather a ‘communion of hearts’ i.e a spiritual fellowship of independent persons who meet for mutual spiritual support and empowerment for self Spiritual growth and evangelization of all peoples especially those on the margins of society.

MT. SINAI FAMILY NETWORK encourages and provides the opportunity for lay people to maximize their gifts for the glory of God and His Kingdom according to Gods will and purpose for their lives.